Mount Hood Equity Partners
Manager: Bob Wiggins

Bob Wiggins
Bob Wiggins is a well-known entrepreneur, lawyer and investor in early-stage companies in Oregon. Over the course of 20 years, Mr.Wiggins has developed a good reputation in the Pacific Northwest entrepreneurial community for honesty, intelligence and hard work.  As the Managing Member of Mount Hood Equity Management, LLC, which manages the Fund, Mr. Wiggins devotes his full-time efforts to Fund business, and serves on the Boards of Directors of Routeware, Site9, Remote Technologies, and Marketsync, the Fund's four portfolio companies.

Mr.Wiggins served as a member of the management team (and ultimately President) of BLT Technologies, Inc., an angel-financed company that was a pioneer in prepaid long-distance communications that was successfully sold in 1996 to WorldCom, Inc. for $85 million. Mr. Wiggins led the company’s efforts in connection with the preparation for and negotiation of the sale. Mr. Wiggins also spearheaded an acquisition by the company of a business unit of Western Union.  Mr. Wiggins served as President of BLT from 1997 through WorldCom's merger with MCI at the end of 1998.

Mr. Wiggins was Chairman and CEO of Legal Anywhere, Inc., a provider of Internet-delivered collaboration software for law firms and corporate legal departments. Mr. Wiggins led the company’s efforts in two rounds of angel financing in 1999 and the company’s successful sale in 2000 to Niku Corporation for publicly traded stock valued at $27 million at the conclusion of the lockup.

Mr. Wiggins has been an active investor in a number of Pacific Northwest start-ups, including,, Decision Dynamics, Inc. and DealPlanner, and has served on the Board of Directors or Advisory Board of other companies, including Veris Industries, Inc. (which was successfully sold in 1999 to Square D), Kentrox, Cerus Industrial and Via Language.

In his legal career at Stoel Rives LLP, a leading Pacific Northwest law firm, Mr. Wiggins has advised many early-stage companies in the Oregon market, developing strong relationships with entrepreneurs, management team members, investors and service providers. Mr. Wiggins was an associate and then a partner with Stoel Rives from 1982 to 1996, leaving the firm to join BLT Technologies. Mr. Wiggins rejoined the firm in 2003, in an of counsel role, serving as Co-Chairman of the law firm’s Technology Ventures Group. Mr. Wiggins has advised both buyers and sellers on dozens of company sales, and has participated in due diligence in connection with numerous corporate transactions.

Mr. Wiggins has served on the Board of Directors and Executive Committee of Oregon Entrepreneurs Network (“OEN”), serving as the organization’s Chairman in 1997. Mr. Wiggins is also Past President of the Riverdale School District Foundation and served on its Board from 2000-2005.

Mr. Wiggins is a graduate of the University of Oregon, with a B.S. in economics. He also holds a J.D. from the University of Oregon School of Law, graduating first in his class in 1982.